Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Day 21 - Cabo San Lucas B.C.S.

Day 21 and I finally made it to Cabo San Lucas B.C.S enjoying the morning looking over the ocean in the house that I’ll be staying at for the next couple of weeks. I really didn’t feel like writing last night after a long day of riding, but what a trip and I know I have the return trip that will be just as challenging. 

I did get an early start since I knew I had at least a 7 hour ride ahead of me and it was probably a good thing that I did because I finally got to the casa as it was just getting dark. I had a few problems with the directions once I got into Cabo, got lost a few times but somehow found my way back to the park that it should’ve been an easy couple of right hand turns to get me to the house. It’s a good thing I have the burner phone and was finally able to figure out how to call them. Everyone had told me that since I had an Ensenada phone I’d have to dial 045-01 and the number that that didn’t work and once again I didn’t understand the Spanish message I was getting that I tried it a few different ways and finally got thru. Apparently as long as I’m in this city trying to call a cell in this city there is no need to dial extra numbers, just the area code and number is all I need. I did finally get a hold of my hosts Jess and Mike and Mike had to make a trek to the park to at least guide me in. I really didn’t have room for a passenger but he was a young skinny guy that he’d fit between me and my pack of cloths that we gave it a shot, so he is the first person who’s got to ride bitch with me this trip.

Ok, I’m sure you don’t want to hear about my struggles finding this place that I might as well get to the ride for the day that finally got me here. It started out pretty good since I had already filled up with fuel the night before and was on the road early, and a good road at that so I was able to set my cruise for 70. That was until I had a number of people pass me that I figured I’d set it a little higher so I could get to Cabo sooner, so I tried it at 75 and felt comfortable enough. That was until I got to more curvy roads along the coast that of course I have to slow it down. I thought I was hitting the corners pretty hard being on a bike, but when I had a truck pushing me along, I figured no need to ride out of my comfort zone since I don’t know these mountain roads that I gave him room to pass. I stayed with him since he knows the roads, but eventually he moved on and I was by myself. 

No problems and the riding was great, that was until I got to the next town with gas to fill up. I was heeding Steve’s, remember the Aussie I’m suppose to be checking in on a regular basis, which is a whole other story itself. I tried calling him back when Rolando and I was leaving, but according the Spanish message Rolando listened to it sounded as though his number was no longer in service that for me, I’ll move on and do my checking in with Rolando, which I have done including tonight. So back to my gas stop, easy getting gas and even getting a little something to drink as well as still eating the tacito’s or whatever the rolled up tortilla’s that Diana gave me and they were even warm running in my saddle bag that it was a quick stop so back on the road heading in to town where apparently I missed the turnabout to stay on highway 1 that sent me into downtown and another one of those damn topes.
Sure enough, even going over it slow, apparently it wasn’t slow enough that once again my kickstand is loose and won’t stay up. With a quick check it wasn’t the wield that had let loose, but I did notice that the spring wasn’t attached that once again I hoofed it back to the speed bump looking for the spring and couldn’t find it anywhere. I started thinking what I’ll have to do the rest of the way, likely tie it up, but noticed on my way back to the bike that the spring was still hanging from the extra hole Jesus had drilled. That would’ve been ok if that was all, but the thing had stretch to such a point that it wasn’t going to hold up the kickstand unless I had it compressed some more. Well, that turned into a search for a mechanic and at least I knew how to ask where in Spanish, donde and did know that it is an el mechanico. I did ask the guy on the street and understood his directions at least how many blocks which way, but whatever else he said, no comprende. I rode down the street, but no luck finding a mechanic that I headed back toward the gas station and eventually found a couple of guys that pointed me back to where I came from so I gave it another shop, but no mechanic. Even a guy on the same street pointed it out, but I had no luck that I had to follow someone to the spot only to find that he wasn’t open for the day. No signs or anything, just some guys garage. I did get the guys to tie up my kickstand to get me on the road so went back downtown where I did find a little shop that once they found someone who could speak english I told him what I needed, a vice grip to compress and then put the spring back on that should get me on the road, which he did his best and it’ll work until I get to my destination, maybe I just won’t use it too much. 

Ok, so that was about an hour setup, but now that I had pumped it up to 75 and heading west away from the Gulf of California meant flat straight roads, I figured I’d make up that time easily, well, I was mistaken. I hit my first patch of road work which put me on a dirt covered road that was horrible for at least 5 miles moving along at about 20mph. Some know how I am on dirt construction roads, but as long as I don’t hit any soft patches and let the bike decide where it want’s to go and try to keep the ‘not as dirty side’ up, I’d be fine, that yes I did make it through without a problem that it was back on blacktop. So now I can make up some more time, but wouldn’t you know it I ran into it at least 2 more times the closer I got to La Paz that it really slowed me down. Some spots were so bad with the washer board gravel that my bike was taking a shacking and that full gas can that I and along that I haven’t had to use wasn’t helping because it keep coming undone and not staying where I had it strapped. That and I did have to stop a few times in the construction zones because the dust was so bad that I and to keep my distance from the vehicles that were passing me. Cars and pickups, but I was still faster than the 18 wheelers. It was awful dirty though and I sure hope they have more of the road fixed on my return trip that finally, La Paz and black top that I sure don’t want any more dirt roads. 

At the gas stop I did ask the attendant after pulling out my map if 19 was a pretty good road to Cabo because it looked like a shorter route and he said ‘si’ and pointed me in the right direction that I don’t have too far to go and should be able to make it on a tank. So, the road wasn’t just pretty good, it was an awesome road and reminded me of being back in the states. A four lane freeway that I hope wouldn’t end and sure enough, it was that way all the way to Cabo. Well, I didn’t know I had already reached Cabo when I stopped for gas, but the guy told me I was already in it and about 5 minutes from my destination that ok, I’m ready to find the house and settle in. 

Now you know what it took to find the place that I’m once again, tired, really dirty and very hungry that a shower to clean off a power aide or something like that to drink, a few beers and some food that I should be fine. Fortunately there was an OXXO, yes the one I was suppose to have turned by the first time that was able to handle the thirsty part including beers, that after a shower my hosts and I walked down to at least get something to drink. They had also told me of a taco stand that is only open from 7:00 to 9:00 that I can walk there after a beer to fill my hunger which I did only to find out today wasn’t one of those days it was open. I did however find a Kiki burger place that it will have to do where I ordered a burro, not understanding anything other than burgers on the menu and it really wasn’t that good. 

So, finally in Cabo that with a few days rest, getting settled in and a fell for the area I should be fine before my return trip. Well, that couldn’t be farther from the truth than you’ll know, but that will have to wait until tomorrow’s story. 


Anonymous Rob said...

I thought all burritos in Mexico are good. Guess you gotta stick to the Fish Tacos! Enjoy Cabo, it is a great place. Get to Cabo Wabo too! When we were there last the Wal-Mart had just opened.

11/13/2014 9:16 AM  

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