Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Day 23 plus - Cabo Sam Lucas B.C.S.

I have a lot of catching up to do, but while in Cabo, I’ve just been enjoying myself relaxing and drinking so figured now, my second to last night here might be just the right time to get caught up. Sure there have been plenty of nights that have been a blur, but isn’t that what vacation is all about, let loose and live care free? That’s pretty easy to do around here when every vendor trying to sell you something also has weed to sell.  

So as I’ve already mentioned my second night, after my first full day with no water and stitches was a night of drinking at the la casa (house) since I was just getting the lay of the land and had stitches in my head that what better way to kill any kind of pain than alcohol. It turned out to be a night with a few runs to the Oxxo a block away after we kept running out of beers and decided we could use more. That was just for that night.

The second full day I didn’t have a lot planned so figured I’d head to the Harley shop to see what the’d by had to say about my bike which was no problems fixing the kickstand and other things that I needed fixed, but it’d be a few days before they had it done. Like I told them keeping my bike there, especially with stitches and no planned ride was probably a safer place than at the house that they can keep it as long as they want, which has turned out to be pretty much the entire stay, more about that later. I did make it down to the beach to see what that was all about and although I didn’t go into the water, remember the stitches, did enjoy some water and sand as well as one of the beach bars which have the usual 2 for 1. That must be the thing to bring back the customers that all of the bars seem to be offering the same thing, the only difference is the bar on the beach charges $6 US dollars a beer, that I’ll likely be able to find a place to drink cheaper, which you bet I did. 

So my second night staying, Michael had invited me to join them for a cookout with his kiwi diving buddy (from New Zealand) that I thought there’s nothing better than a cookout. Well, it was quite the cookout and nothing like I and expected. I knew we were being picked up for a ride there which is on the other side of the hill out the back door, but quite the few of the city. You’ll see it in the photos, the lights of the city, a full moon and the van that kiwi dude and his girlfriend Stephanie live in with her cousin Jonathan who is a Mexican bato (gang member) that trust me his stories were pretty interesting and most of us really didn’t believe. To me, I think he was definitely more talk that fact especially when telling a story of a gun pointed at his head and he tells the guy, go a head f***, I’m not afraid to die. I think any kind of talk like that would likely get you killed that for a gringo like me, nothing like that coming from me. The cookout was great though, with fresh made guacamole, salsa, grilled steaks, pork and steak that we had some awesome cooked food. Oh, and the reason for kiwi dude and Stephanie living in a van, they are building a house on the property so are staying there until at least a living section is finished. I would love to see the view during the day because just imagining what it might be like higher in the hills overlooking the ocean is I’m sure quite the view.
Needles to stay we had more than enough to drink with a late night at that, that as long as I’m on vacation, I’m sleeping in. Day 3, if I start numbering my days in Cabo that way.

Day 3 was another trip to the Harley shop to see what else they found with my bike, which wasn’t much at that point. I did check it out and most everything seemed to be on schedule according to the mechanic who was working on it, but there was a bit of a language barrier. He understood very little English, and I didn’t understand much Spanish  especially when it comes to the bike. No worries because it’ll be a while before I get back on the bike and have no need to ride right now. I did a little more site seeing and eventually back to the house for a little siesta before Michael and I headed downtown with Jess to have a few drinks while she went to school. Remember, she’s from Australia and is trying to learn and become fluent in Spanish, that while she goes to school, Michael and I will go drinking. He took me to some of his favorite hangouts and I took him to the brew pub in town which serves real beers, because I’m kind of with him that after a while the Mexican beers are hard to drink. For me I don’t like to taste too much other than Corona’s, but you can’t find Corona’s at very many Mexican bars because they don’t like the beer and it’s more of an export than anything. That means Dos XX, Decatea and Sole beers are pretty much the stable. The cool thing with the brew pub is not only is a 2 for one, but when the beers only cost roughly $2 US dollars we can drink plenty and get a free appetizer of bread to soak it up. Yeah, we stayed for a awhile before meeting Jess downtown. 

At that point we were hungry, that next stop was Michael’s favorite rib place a few blocks away which was pretty good. I had the ribs and chicken and even though it was different that was I’m use to since they were a dry rubbed bbq, they were still pretty good. The ribs better than the chicken, but you have to try both to see which you prefer and there’s plenty of chicken and pork to be had in Mexico. I thought we’d be on our way home from there for a few more beers at home, but that’s when the party really started. Michael got a call from another diving buddy of his that was at a local Mexican restaurant with his latest crew of divers on vacation that we joined them at the restaurant. Well, it turns out that the room I’m staying in is this divers room that since he’ll be gone for a few weeks, that’s why I get it. The other thing is Jess and Michael know the manager of the restaurant, Alan really well that we get free drinks to boot so I’m getting me a margarita. Again, more than what we need to drink, but it didn’t stop there because after Alan closed the restaurant he was at the house to party with use for the night. 

There’s another Mexican couple in the room downstairs in the house that are moving out into an apartment building with Alan, that they are all really good friends. The couple is Marisio and Bianca and it turns out I’ll be having some fun with them throughout my stay. Nothing like a late night of drinking back to back that there’s no way I’m getting up early the next day which wasn’t the case. I had gotten a call later in the day from the Harley shop saying that there was a problem with the oil pressure that I might want to come down early to figure out what needs to be done to the engine to make sure I can make it home. Yea, it was a 10:00 meeting, but I sure didn’t get much sleep after a late night that Day 4, back to the Harley shop.

What they have found was there seemed to be a problem with my oil pump that I should have that replaced, but on top of that the plate which holds my gear cams was scrapped more than what it should be that I can either have them see if the old will work or they might have another old one on hand that will work. So to make the long story short, the other plate wasn’t going to work that they had to order another which could be an additional $500 dollars on replacing the oil pump to replacing the cam plate with a similar one. This trip is definitely turning out to be pretty expensive, but than I guess I should expect that on a bike that already has over 140,000 miles on it at only 8 years old. 

After that meeting even though I told Marisio I’d probably see him at the beach, I needed some rest that it was back to the house for more than a siesta, but some well needed sleep.  Michael wasn’t feeling good at all so was already down for the count since he wasn’t able to sleep for the night or keep anything down. Yep, could’ve been something that he at, but who knows that tonight I’m on my own for heading out that tonight was my time to try the langosta (lobster) that I really wanted to see these no-claw animals and see what they really taste like. I ended up at the marina where the Harley shop is and had my eye on a place that I had coupon for, the Baja Lobster company that it should be the place to visit. Well, no one told me that they are still handing out old tour guides that have all of these things in Cabo to do, but some of them aren’t even open that there might not be any lobster for me. Of course one of the vendors trying to talk me into a fishing trip or weed had just the place that I followed him to another restaurant where I’m sure to get great lobster. First off, I’m gonna get a margarita because I could use something other than  a beer and after seeing their menu and a wedge salad, there was something I saw that I’d like. I did ask how much a full langosta was and when the guy told me $95 US, well you can see from the pictures that sure enough, I decided to get it anyway. Maybe not a great choice but it was pretty good and hell, I’m on vacation that what’s a little money for some great grub. I did find lobster as good cheaper, but it wasn’t a full one and is for later in the story. Not as late a night that I could use hitting the sack a little earlier. 

Now, even though the days are closer than a week ago there isn’t too much more with daily stories other that a trip to the Harley shop on a daily basis and waiting for parts to come in that since I found out I’m only good until Friday morning the 14th, I’m just concerned about the bike being ready. Sure I could stay if I have to for another day, but I am getting ready to start heading home and at least get back to some normalcy when it comes to my phone and being connected to people from home. My only connection is to those who have an Apple product that I can iMessage and FaceTime, and I do have the internet so have been able to stay in touch with email that it isn’t too bad. 

With that, I’ve decided that I’m done drinking for tonight that I will pick up more of the daily stories tomorrow and let you in on the continued journey. Attached are pics of the cookout, full moon, night out on the town, the house I’m staying in as well as some of the bars I’ve been visiting and of course that expensive lobster that I devoured. No comparison to Maine, but I’m use to a lobster with claws as well as better tasting.


Anonymous Jim said...

For a great breakfast go see my friends at Capt Tony's down on the west harbor by the Cultural Center. Great Food with a Grrreaat View! Right by Pisces Sportfishing Office. Jim

11/13/2014 9:59 AM  
Anonymous Rob said...

The lobster and wedge salad looked tasty! Enjoy, looking forward to more new of the trip!

11/13/2014 10:08 AM  

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