Thursday, November 13, 2014

Day 27 plus - Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S.

I didn’t cover as many nights as I had hoped to with my Day 23 plus blog that I’ll try to condense some of the days with this one. It does follow along with the pictures too of what I’ve been doing each day in Cabo. Saturday was another relaxing day which of course took me to the Harley shop to see what was up and found that I should really have a new plate ordered for my bike. I was hoping to just have it thrown together and fixed with only a new oil pump, but I think I may have already covered that yesterday and am hoping they’ll have my bike done this afternoon so I can hit the road early tomorrow morning. 

Saturday afternoon was hitting a local bar, Happy Endings once again for a couple of beers and food and we’d eventually be back later in the day for even more. You can see the sign ‘IITYWIMWYBMAD?’ that it took us a while to get it even though the bartender kept telling us, even for free. We’ll see if anyone can figure it out but it has to do with buying a drink. Later that day Michael, Jess and I decided to go to Alan’s restaurant for some good Mexican food and it was a very good place to eat. We thought bringing Jess along might get us the meal for free since her and Alan are great buds, but getting drinks covered isn’t too bad a deal. From there it was back to Happy Endings to end our night.

Sunday was my day in the sun so I went to the beach where Mauricio was working to join Bianca, Mauricio’s cousin and his GF. Sorry I didn’t catch there names, but I might get them later to add. As part of our fun it was taking a boat to the arch that everyone talks about seeing so we did that, saw lover’s beach and did some snorkeling as well as diving off some rocks in the area. Now hadn’t I had stitches in the back of my head I might’ve tried the rock jumping, but the last thing I needed was a another gash in the head. It was a beautiful day on the beach and nice warm water to swim in. Sure they told me no swimming with stitches, but I have to have some fun and some do say the ocean water probably helps heal more than harm. 

Sunday night I was on my own and that was to go to the local sports bar, Cabo Cantina to watch the Packers playing the Bears. I had a great dinner which we reasonably priced including a shrimp cocktail with was great and you can see I did get pictures of some other tail that was in the cantina. There was a wedding group from California that came in and although I spent more time talking to the guys, I did get permission to get a pic to show everyone just how warm it was here watching the game and wondered if it looked any better than back home. There were more from the group I would’ve liked to have gotten pics of, but some of the guys were carrying the women out by that point. Needless to say, it was a great night with the Packers crushing the Bears.

Monday I don’t remember too much of what happened other than going dinner myself and watching some Monday night football since Michael was still sick so Jess and him stayed in. I did hit the local brew pub that makes their own beer and had some good beers to start the night out with, but missed the first part of the game. My bartender Roberto who I have seen every day in this bar said its as on the right station, but when I left and saw the score was already 10 - 7, I think I must’ve of missed something. Monday night was to finally have a little Italian which I did downtown in the tourist zone, but I guess every day has been in the tourist zone more or less. Again, I finished the night at Happy Endings and I’m still waiting for that Happy ending. 

Tuesday was a an entire day of drinking because now that Michael was feeling better we opted for some beers to start out our morning. Yes it turned out to be a long day finishing at the brew pub, but Michael eventually got that dreaded bug again that he had to head home early while Jess and I tried the buffalo wings with some good beers. Yeah, we eventually did get home to find Michael trying to see if a beer would make a difference, but I don’t think he had such a good night and was suppose to leave early the next day to go diving to clean a dolphin pool which he happened to miss. Good for me though because now I have someone to drink with again, but not the case, no alcohol for him. 

Wednesday put me back on the beach after a trip to the Harley shop and emergency room once again that it was a day to relax with some sun, sand and surf. Yep, you read it right the emergency room, but it was only to have the stitches pulled out which the new doctor suggested leaving them in for 10 days or more. He said because of a ragged cut it’d be better to let it heal more that I can wait until the weekend which I just may wait until I get back to the states since I’ll have a helmet on anyway and there isn’t a problem with it covering the stitches. We’ll see, but I have all the time in the world to get back.

That did give me an idea though when I say I have all the time in the world to get back and that was trying to extend this trip to Central America after all. I’ve found out that Michael has to get back there to get his work visa before he can start working on a boat and he does know how to ride a motorcycle (his own) that he could be my Spanish guide for such a trip. I thought that would be a great idea and at that point I’m not riding by myself which some have said is not a good idea. I’d at least have someone who speaks more Spanish than me that it would be a great trip. No, it’s not going to happen but I had to at least come up with the idea, right?

So today is Thursday and I hope to find out later today that my bike is done that I’ll leave you with this and possibly more about my last night in Cabo, if it is in fact my last night. I’ll go to exchange some more US for Peso’s for my ride home and see about buying some tokens to bring home for my adventures that who knows what tonight will bring. Stay tune because it’s a long ride home.


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